We source premium quality dried and preserved flowers, from local and international growers, creating unique and personalised designs for bridal, home and corporate settings.

We are currently working on creating a boutique range of luxury dried flower designs for online ordering. New products will be appearing in our online store soon.


We understand that the longevity of dried flowers requires intentional design and curation, considering the nuance of each space and occasion.

We welcome you to visit our store to view our beautiful selection in person.

Our in store floral designer can assist with creating something unique for you.
Feel free to bring your own vases and vessels into the store for a custom design, along with some images of the space they’ll be situated in so we can best assist to complement the furnishings and decor with our luxe blooms.


We are currently creating more dried flower wedding collections for online ordering. Any wedding enquires for custom designs are most welcome.

Our dried wedding flowers can be safely shipped within Australia. Please contact us at with any enquiries.


How long do dried and preserved flowers last?

Most dried and preserved flowers will typically last from 1-3 years if well cared for.

How do I care for dried and preserved flowers?

Dried and preserved flowers do not require any water. They should be placed away from direct sunlight, heating and humidity.

What’s the difference between dried and preserved flowers?

Dried flowers are real flowers that have been naturally air dried without the use of any other substances.

Preserved flowers are real flowers have been treated with Glycerine to replace their natural moisture, then usually dyed with various different colours.

Are dried and preserved flowers real?

Yes, both dried and preserved flowers are real natural flowers.

Are dried and preserved flowers safe?

Yes, both dried and preserved flowers are safe for decorative use in all settings.

The glycerine and dyes that are used to preserve and colour them are non toxic and safe for decorative purposes.

Do the colours of dried and preserved flowers fade?

Over time the colours may naturally fade, we recommend to keep them out of direct sunlight to keep the colours looking fresh and vibrant.

Can dried and preserved flowers be placed outdoors?

Due to their delicate nature, we don’t recommend placing your dried or preserved flowers outdoors for extended periods.

A brief time is usually ok, for example: flowers being placed outdoors for a one off event or a Christmas wreath being placed on an exterior door under shelter for a weeks would usually be fine.

Increased or direct exposure to sunlight, humidity and temperature fluctuations will generally decrease their longevity.

Can dried and preserved flowers be shipped anywhere in Australia?

Yes, most of our flowers can be safely shipped anywhere in Australia.

Some restrictions may apply to certain items entering particular states due to bio security requirements. Any restrictions will be listed in the product description for each product on our online store.